NERD TO-DOS in April 2017

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Another post that should have been posted at the beginning of April and got written in the middle of April.



For April, I want to read 4 pieces of literature and I already did! *super satisfied* Because I counted each episode of the comic I read as a piece of literature… It counts, right? YES, IT DOES. DON’T ARGUE WITH ME. Although I did not go exactly with my TBR list, I am going to tell you what I originally intended to read:

  1. The Enemy Within by Scott Burn (finished reading)
  2. Aura in LaLaLand by Skye Grace (currently reading)
  3. 城南舊事 林海音著 (a required read at my school)
  4. Disgusting Digestion (I started reading this weeksss ago but got distracted by other books)


I also want to go to an independent bookstore although I am not sure I will have the time to do so…


Movies / TV shows / TV series

MoviesTV shows series

Goal: 15 (episodes if it is a TV series or anime)

I did it! I finished marathoning 50 episodes of an anime a few days ago! What I originally wanted to watch:

  1. Hwarang episode 19 and 20 (it is a Korean TV series but I stopped watching because I kinda lost interest in it)
  2. Aikatsu Stars! Episode 48–50 (an anime series about idols that I have been watching since I was young so I wanted to continue it)
  3. Once Upon A Time Season 1 Episode 14-22 (I am currently on episode 19)
  4. Idol Party (BTS) (a TV show featuring my favourite K-pop boy group)




Songs that I want to watch the MVs (if any), listen to the both the original version and the instrumental version and read the lyrics:

  1. Blackpink – Playing With Fire (done, loved the song but did not have much feeling for the lyrics)
  2. Selena Gomez – A Year Without Rain
  3. Fall Out Boy – Immortals
  4. All Time Low – Kids In The Dark


And I would like to learn the choreography of GFRIEND – Fingertip.




I wanted to have 5 blog posts published. And as this goes out, I would have 4 published.




Goal: 5 posts (3 done)


What do you want to do in April? Keep reading crazily!


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