This is Tinka. I am 17 and I am a Hong Kong student who takes an interest in probably too many things:

  • Reading: My favourite genres include fantasy and dystopian.
  • Music: Mostly K-Pop nowadays. My favourite artists are BTS, Dreamcatcher, NCT and Mamamoo.
  • Travelling: It’s my dream to travel around the world and explore new places! So far, I’ve been to Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, mainland China, Taiwan, Poland, and Australia.
  • Planners and journals: I have a bullet journal and a weekly planner.


I would love to receive review requests. 🙂

Review Policy (For rating system, see here)

  1. I review honestly. If I love the book, I will try my best to promote it. But if the book is bad, I will voice my opinions honestly.
  2. If the book will be published within 1-2 months, there is no guarantee that I can publish the review before its publication date.
  3. I receive review requests of all genres, as long as I am interested in the book.
  4. I receive books both physically and digitally. I live in Hong Kong and if you decide to send me a physical copy of my book, please bear in mind that you will need to pay for the postage for sending it to HK.
  5. I publish book reviews on this blog, Goodreads and Books Amino. I share links of my reviews on my Instagram, Facebook page and Twitter. Please notice that due to eligibility issues, I am not able to post an Amazon review.


Ways to contact me


Instagram: @capture.thecraze

Goodreads: @thecrazyreader_

Facebook: @thecrazyreader

Twitter: @thecrazyreader_